Less noise in the car compartment

Buitex Industries has become famous over decades for its performances in car compartment soundproofing: door linings, dashboards, etc. The company works in partnership with car manufacturers: on the basis of strict standards and full-scale tests, it has developed light and efficient materials for car compartment soundproofing.
Its expertise, appreciated by its commercial partners, has enabled it to win over market shares in this field, which currently accounts for 25% of its turnover.


At Buitex Industries, « matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed ». By recycling by-products derived from the regional industry, the company serves a collective goal.

recyclage materiaux

Process mastery

Unravelling, carding, thermobonding...
Buitex Industries combines traditional know-how with innovative technologies.

process recyclage

Natural or reused

Textile, wood, hemp: Buitex Industries uses raw materials with naturally remarkable strength and insulation properties.