Comfort felts for a sweeter sleep

Buitex Industries has been manufacturing and selling felts for mattresses since the 1980s!

Ensuing from the transformation of textile industry fibres, Buitex Industries felts have acquired a worldwide reputation: all the major stakeholders of the industry call upon them. This leadership is due not only to its historical know-how, but also to its continuous research and development efforts.
Today, Buitex Industries reinforcement felts offer technical characteristics which ensure an incomparable bed comfort. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, stiffnesses, colours, compositions, dimensions or numbers of layers, but always manufactured from eco-materials, Buitex Industries mattress felts represent approximately 28% of the company's turnover.


At Buitex Industries, « matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed ». By recycling by-products derived from the regional industry, the company serves a collective goal.

recyclage materiaux

Process mastery

Unravelling, carding, thermobonding...
Buitex Industries combines traditional know-how with innovative technologies.

process recyclage

Natural or reused

Textile, wood, hemp: Buitex Industries uses raw materials with naturally remarkable strength and insulation properties.