Fibres + Eco-Innovation = Buitex INDUSTRIES

Four generations of the Buisson family have succeeded one another at the head of the company; hence the remarkable continuity in its development and renewed investments. Historically located in Cours-la-Ville (Rhône, France), Buitex Industries has a staff of about 50 people working in a 12,000 sq m building.
Through its business, the company has developed partnerships with numerous regional and national industrial companies in order to recycle their waste.

Starting from natural and recycled fibres, Buitex Industries has designed and developed several ranges of products:

  • comfort and lining felts for the 30 manufacturers active on the bedding market
  • eco-insulation materials with technical properties surpassing the conventional insulation materials for the heat and sound insulation of buildings
  • soundproofing felts for the automotive industry
  • innovative natural horticultural mulches

Thanks to its technical culture and environmental approach, Buitex Industries is a performing company which has not aged at all.
Quite the contrary: demand for eco-products has never been as strong; the western market is pulled by green growth and the integration of 'green techs'.
Favourable circumstances for investing in the prelude of an eco-conversion.




At Buitex Industries, « matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed ». By recycling by-products derived from the regional industry, the company serves a collective goal.

recyclage materiaux

Process mastery

Unravelling, carding, thermobonding...
Buitex Industries combines traditional know-how with innovative technologies.

process recyclage

Natural or reused

Textile, wood, hemp: Buitex Industries uses raw materials with naturally remarkable strength and insulation properties.