A constant care, at each step of the production process

Quality is one of the longevity secrets of Buitex!

Its successive leaders all shared a common vision: that of a business approach founded on respect for people, techniques and products.
By monitoring the quality of each step of its manufacturing process, they have raised the production standard, which is now renowned as high-end. In 2005, this continuous improvement approach enabled the company to obtain the ISO 9001 certification.

The same constant care is taken to develop products, some of which have been distinguished for their remarkable technical properties - for instance, Isonat 55, which has obtained both the ACERMI and CSTB certifications, and Isonat végétal. Those certifications are particularly appreciated by insurance companies, since they guarantee high and sustained energetic performances!
They commit Buitex Industries to keep up its production quality over time.

Overall, the technical eco-transformation processes used by Buitex Industries generate better results than conventional insulation materials. Buitex Industries products have a strong natural mechanical strength and a long life: 30 to 50 years for an Isonat insulation material.

Buitex Industries is a member of the French National Association of Plant Insulation Industries (Association syndicale des industriels de l'isolation végétale, or ASIV).


At Buitex Industries, « matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed ». By recycling by-products derived from the regional industry, the company serves a collective goal.

recyclage materiaux

Process mastery

Unravelling, carding, thermobonding...
Buitex Industries combines traditional know-how with innovative technologies.

process recyclage

Natural or reused

Textile, wood, hemp: Buitex Industries uses raw materials with naturally remarkable strength and insulation properties.