Innovation: it's in our genes

Technical culture is an innovating one: since its early days, the company has been digging out ingenious solutions in order to improve its products, from design to finish.
For example, it is the only market player that offers a natural insulation material equipped with a film designed to ease application. Buitex Industries also owes its innovation capacity to its investments, since only the most recent machines enable novel applications.

But the company innovates on the commercial as much as on the technical front. The Buitex Industries teams have been constantly devising new applications for their products: initially limited to bedding, they are currently well in demand from the building, automotive and horticultural professionals, three markets from which the company derives 70% of its turnover.
At Buitex Industries, innovation culture is in our genes.


At Buitex Industries, « matter can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed ». By recycling by-products derived from the regional industry, the company serves a collective goal.

recyclage materiaux

Process mastery

Unravelling, carding, thermobonding...
Buitex Industries combines traditional know-how with innovative technologies.

process recyclage

Natural or reused

Textile, wood, hemp: Buitex Industries uses raw materials with naturally remarkable strength and insulation properties.